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Michael Sobran
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Ms. Daryl Haynes

Retired Business Manager

"One thing I have personally discovered about the aging process, is that there are many more aches and pains to experience. When I was referred by a friend to Progressive Health, my neck was aching so badly that I could barely turn my head. (I do not know exactly how I injured it, as I just woke up with the pain one morning.) In addition, I have been having lower back pain off and on for several years.

Dr. Sobran could tell when I came into his office, that I was in considerable pain; and he made time to help me immediately. After spending only about 40 minutes of my time, and with Dr. Sobran's direction in using the numerous high tech medical care machines available at Progressive Health, I was amazed at the positive results. When I left the doctor's office, I had NO pain in my neck and shoulder areas. In addition, with a few more treatments, my lower back pain has been reduced to such a degree that I wish I would have heard about Progressive Health years ago!

I recommend Dr. Michael Sobran and his Progressive Health center very highly. If your only experience with a Chiropractor has been limited to the typical manual adjustments to your body, you are definitely in for a treat when you try Dr. Sobran's medical techniques for sports therapy, physiotherapy, plus overall physical rehabilitation. If you continue to delay making your own appointment, you will just extend the amount of time for your own pain to continue. I recommend you call him today!"

I've been seeing Mike Sobran, DC, off and on, since 2008 due to various aches and injuries. He's done wonders for me with alleviating pain and addressing my problems. He's professional, has a terrific manner, and took the time to educate me about the chiropractic process, which I appreciate. I can recommend Dr. Sobran unreservedly.

Victor M

I am 58 years young and have had my share of chiropractors. I just moved to Summerlin and heard about Progressive Health Center. I am pleased to say that I have had the best experience in their office. Dr. Mike Sobran and Dr. Scott Hernandez made me feel like I have been going there for years. Now my entire family goes there and I am happy to have them in my life.

Martha D

The first day I walked into Progressive Health Center, I was given a very warm and friendly welcome. Everything was explained to me in a professional manner. I would recommend PHC to anyone who needs a Chiropractor.

Susan V

From fear and skepticism, I had never before sought out chiropractic care until the day I had woken up in pain and was unable to turn my neck. I needed immediate attention before I had to go to work. I called Progressive Health Center and explained to them my dire need for help before I went to work. They were able to see me on a last minute basis and I thank them for their flexibility with my work schedule.

David C

While it was pretty normal for me to wake up with a headache each morning and down a cup of coffee with Advil, this time, my headache would NOT go away. With no relief after 4 days, I was referred to Progressive Health Center. After speaking with the staff, I was immediately reassured with the knowledge that both Doctors had. Not to mention their great sense of humor. They worked me into the schedule and they were able to treat me the same day. What a relief, my headache was gone and I did

Mary P

I never visited a chiropractor and was unaware of their capabilities. After visiting Progressive Health Center, I am convinced that they will be a permanent fixture in my life. Thank you Dr. Sobran and Dr. Hernandez for making me feel better.

Diane T

I am a 16 year old male that has had a weight problem for years due to medications I had to take when I was younger for asthma. Dr. Sobran kicked started my weight loss program, since starting to see him I have lost over 20 pounds and still going. I recommend Dr. Sobran to anyone old or young, he is super cool and easy to talk to.

R. Nettles Full Time Student

I have worked for many years in a highly stressful job, that of being a Social Worker dealing with mentally ill, homeless, dysfunctional families, drug abusers, abused seniors and children, etc. My back, shoulders and neck develop huge knots, which require not only massage but also chiropractic adjustments. A friend recommended Dr. Sobran, and after my first visit to his office for treatment, I was hooked. It is nice to be able to sleep well again and to move around without a lot of pain. You wi

Annette Morris Nevada State Licensed Social Worker

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